JBT’s home automation concept is simple: “seamlessly integrate all the electronics in the home and provide the customer with a slick and intuitive interface to easily operate and navigate all the systems in your home from anywhere in the house or around the world”. With a home automation system from JBT, you can easily control your TV, sound system, climate, security system, lighting, shades and many more applications in any room and from any room in the house, all while conserving energy and saving money.

At JBT we believe every person’s lifestyle is different and unique, but we understand that simplicity, comfort and safety is everyone’s desire when it comes to home living. These are the basic principles that we apply when designing and integrating a home automation system tailored to your family’s lifestyle . At JBT we are here to make your life better by consolidating all the things in your home that you love, and providing you with simple and fun way of interacting with them. We are here to make your life at home simple, comfortable and secured.

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